Health and Nutrition

We at Olive-it and more strive for the highest quality products, both in taste and nutritional value we can produce. That is why we make sure our products are all natural and made with the least ingredients possible. We know you care about the products you eat and we do too.

Olives are too bitter to be eaten straight from the tree so a processed called curing is needed to turn olives into the zesty vegetable we know and love. There are a few different curing methods and it is this method that truly makes our product standout from the rest. Resulting in a firm textured all natural product our customers have been raving about for years.

Packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients olives are an amazing powerhouse to be consumed. If you love olives and the numerous health benefits they posses, we know you will be a fan of the Olive-it and more product line. With something for everyone Olive-it truly is more.